GPU Compiler/Architecture Solution Design

  • BlockMaestro: Enabling Programmer-Transparent Task-based Execution in GPU Systems [ISCA'21]
  • BOW: Breathing Operand Windows to Exploit Bypassing in GPUs [MICRO'20]
  • CORF: Coalescing Operand Register File for GPUs [ASPLOS'19]
  • RegMutex: Inter-Warp GPU Register Time-Sharing [ISCA'18]

Efficient GPU Utilization for Machine Learning Purposes

  • Locality-aware GPU Register File [CAL'19]
  • In-Register Parameter Caching for Dynamic Neural Nets with Virtual Persistent Processor Specialization [MICRO'18]

Architecture Support for Security

  • RIC: Relaxed Inclusion Caches for Mitigating LLC Side-Channel Attacks [DAC'17]

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